100264 - 12-16.5 - Beefy Baby II - Galaxy Tires

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Beefy Baby II

12-16.5 - Galaxy Beefy Baby II

Item Number: 100264
Size: 12-16.5
Sidewall: BW
Ply: 10

Harris Tire Company is proud to offer Galaxy brand tires to Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC and Huntsville and Troy, AL and Jackson , MS and Ocala, FL. We are confident that the Beefy Baby II tire will be a great fit for your vehicle. We offer tires in size 12-16.5 and many other sizes, so please contact us for more information! Ask for item number 100264 if you would like the item on this page.

Features and Benefits of Item #100264

The "Beefy baby" tires are the standard bearer of the Galaxy family of skid steer tires. The "Beefy Baby" tires are the most durable and versatile skid steer R-4 bias ply type of tires in the galaxy. Our "Beefy Baby" tires have been proven to be the lowest cost per hour R-4 design tires in the market. Acknowledged the "feefiest and best R-4 design skid steer tires in the world - by users, dealers, renters, and OEMS. Galaxy's "Beefy Baby" is the standard by which all other skid steer tires are measured. The Beefy Baby II has a wear resistant (harder) compound, which allows it to wear longer than any other R-4 design bias ply skid steer tire.

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  • Duro
  • Galaxy
  • Multi-Mile
  • Primex
  • Sumitomo
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