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Features and Benefits

The Cooper Zeon LTZ was developed as a hybrid between a sport truck tire and an all-terrain tire. The aggressiveness of the Cooper Zeon LTZ can tame any road surface while providing excellent ride and handling capabilities.

All Terrain Design:
This modern design features a combination of sweeping lateral grooves and irregularly shaped tread elements to provide solid all terrain performance. The optimized pitch sequence helps provide even treadwear and reduced tread related noise.

Ventless Technology:
The molds used in manufacturing incorporate special venting technology in the tread area to provide a crisp, clean, premium appearance.

Rim Protector:
A rubber rim protector extends beyond the rim flange and decreases the chance of rim damage that can occur if a tire/wheel assembly scuffs a curb.

M+S Rated

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Size MSPN    
LT265/70R17 90000003478 Request a Quote More Info
LT265/75R16 90000003477 Request a Quote More Info
275/55R20XL 90000003473 Request a Quote More Info
275/60R20XL 90000003474 Request a Quote More Info
285/50R20XL 90000003471 Request a Quote More Info
305/35R24 1404 Request a Quote More Info
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